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We supply steel and timber bridges suitable for Pedestrian, Cyclists and Equestrians in a range of lengths and widths

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We are a Cheshire-based bridge company fully equipped to design, manufacture and install bespoke steel and timber bridges suitable for walkers, cyclists and equestrians. Available in a wide selection of lengths and widths, our bridges are kind to the environment, and thoroughly tested for safety. Our engineers design and construct bridges across Cheshire, Lancashire and across the UK, ensuring that public nature areas are safely accessible for all.

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Foot Bridges

Footbridges make it easy for walkers and wheelchair users to access the local countryside in Lancashire and the rest of the UK. We custom design these bridges to meet current safety regulations. All bridges are made with timber and steel and can be made to adapt to any surroundings.

All foot bridges are available in standard widths, from 800mm to 2000mm wide.
However, many other widths are available as nonstandard. We will be happy to discuss your needs, and adapt your bridge as required.

Cycleway Bridges

Cycle paths sometimes cross over waterways or uneven ground. To be safe for bicycles, we design and build straight or arched bridges with decking that can grip onto tyres easily. Cycle path bridges need to be safe in all weather conditions, promoting visibility, and allowing enough room for cyclists and those travelling on foot to navigate safely.

We recommend a minimum width of 1.5m to be used on cycle paths.
Although not our standard width, we can adapt to supply the required size.
Bridges used by cyclists usually have a 4-rail parapet, which we can fit to any of our standard bridge designs.

Bridleway Bridges

There are unique requirements for bridleway bridges. For horses and ponies to be guided safely across a bridge, it must be wider than 3 metres, to ensure the safety of riders, walkers and cyclists.

We recommend discussing your requirements early on in the planning process for your bridleway bridge, to ensure that your bridge is built correctly.

Bridge Deck Options

Our standard option is a grooved deck in FSC certified European Redwood. Redwood is a tough and resilient softwood timber that can be carved into any finish. It’s resistant to insect infestation and can withstand the changing weather conditions of Lancashire and the rest of the UK.

These bridge decking options can also be supplied with anti-slip inserts in 2 grooves. We can provide hardwood deck boards grooved and with anti-slip inserts.
We are happy to discuss the use of other treatments if needed.

We can also supply recycled plastic decks.

Bridge Parapet Options

We supply post and rail structures as our standard option for parapets. These can be made from steel or timber, or a combination of both. We can also supply as many spindles as you require.
Parapet heights vary depending on the location and landscape they are used in.

Parapet Requirements
Foot bridge parapets must be 1150mm.
Cycleway bridge parapet must be 1400mm


Bridge Installation

Once we have discussed the location of your bridge, and agreed on size, style and materials, installation can begin. This can be carried out in several ways.

You may to install their bridges with a group of skilled volunteers. This is a great way to cut costs, and is easy to do, as our bridges come in kits, with assembly instructions.

However, if you require us to install the bridge for you, we can offer a full supply and install package. This includes a team of installers coming to your site. They will quickly and efficiently construct your bridge within the same day.

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